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Top dos posts mais lidos 2016 de Geração Polar : #semestre1

No snow no ice?
A solitary bear sits on the edge of one of the Barter Islands. There is no snow, when at this time of year, there should be
credits: Patty Waymire

2017 está aí. As férias de Natal terminam dentro de dias. Apresentamos agora uma súmula das nossas publicações do ano 2016, 1º semestre.

Mas antes, não resistimos a partilhar as fotografias dos Vencedores de Nature  Photographer of the Year Contest 2016Fotografias fantásticas!

Rockhopper penguins run to the safety of the water in the Falkland Islands 
when faced with a southern giant petrel
Paul Mckenzie/Barcroft Images

Passamos então aos posts mais lidos de 2016 do Blog Geração Polar, 1º semestre

A selecção é baseada no número de visitantes dos posts mais lidos.

Fox in the Arctic Circle
credits: Ivan Kislov

Here it comes 2017. We decide to show you the posts of the year 2016, 1st semester.

But first, we don't resist sharing with you the winners of nature photographers National Geographic:  Nature  Photographer of the Year Contest 2016. Awesome photos!

A polar bear mother in cub, Alaska, 2016
credits: Patty Waymire

Looking back at 2016 we have come up with our roundup of what's been most-read on our Blog Geração Polar, 1st semester.

The selection is based on page views of the most read posts.

Fox in the Arctic Circle
credits: Ivan Kislov

Here the Top of the Most-Read Blog Posts of 2016 :

Dr. José Xavier na Antárctida, 2008
créditos: José Xavier

Our crush of the year, 1st semester? Well we have two. Yes. 

Dr. José Xavier : Membro Honorário do BAS, um tributoWe are the students helped by our teacher of Languages & Literature who started to learn about polar education and created this blog, Geração Polar

We were prepared to talk with Dr José Xavier at our school. Unfortunately the school was closed by a strike and we couldn't meet the polar scientist who gently accepted the invitation of our teacher Prof. Gsouto.

Filme O Senhor dos Anéis
credits: DR
The second? Lembra Senhor dos Anéis? Monte Ruapehu perigo de erupção. This one for reading reasons. We loved to know The Lord of Rings sequel read in Languages curriculum.

It was so excited to follow the adventures of Frodo that passed by Mount Ruapehu, made famous by the Lord of the Rings films.

Don't forget to visit the the roundup of what's been most-read #semester1 of our polar blog Geração Verde.

May the New Year be a polar defender!

Happy New Year ! 

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