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Top Posts mais lidos 2017 Geração Polar #semestre1

Wapusk national park, Manitoba, Canada, 
Photograph: Debra Garside/Natural History Museum
Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice

Bom ano 2018. As férias terminaram. De novo em acção. Mas antes de fazer uma súmula das nossas publicações 2017, #semestre1, queremos partilhar convosco fotografias maravilhosas.

Snowy owls makes its way down from the Arctic 
to the Pacific north-west of North America/Delta, British Columbia
Photograph: Connor Stefanison/Natural History Museum
Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice

Tal como fizemos em 2015 e 2016, não resistimos a  partilhar convosco algumas das fotos mais originais sobre animais selvagens. Este ano, Wild Photographer of the Year People's Choice que aconselhamos vivamente a visitar e admirar.

Passamos a apresentar o Top dos posts mais lidos 2017, #semestre1 de Blog Geração Polar. A selecção é baseada no número de visitas de cada publicação e não pela ordem temporal.

Moose Hook/ Anchorage, Alaska
Photograph: Ryan Miller/Natural History Museum
Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice

Happy Year 2018. As we did in 2015 and 2016, here  the Top of posts of 2017, #semester1.

But first, we don't resist sharing with you some amazing photographs of wild animals picked of the Wild Photographer of the Year People's Choice that you must visit and admire. Such great photos. Beautiful wild animals!

bear walking along the edge of the ice
Fjord across from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway
Photograph: Josh Anon/Natural History Museum
Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice

Looking back at 2017, we have come up with our roundup of what's been most-read, #semester1 on our Blog Geração PolarThe selection is based on page views of the most read posts:

Here the most popular posts 2017, #semester1:

Google Doodle Earth Day 2017

Why? Beacause Education of young people is the foundation for progress. We need to build a global citizenry, which is fluent in the concepts of climate change, and aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet Earth.

Don't forget to visit the the roundup of what's been most-read #semester1 of our polar blog Geração Verde.

May 2018 be a New Year for the defense of the environment and the wildlife on the planet Earth! There's no planet B.

Happy New Year ! 

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