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WWF apoia Catlin Arctic Survey

Explorer team dropped off
WWF apoia a pesquisa Catlin Arctic Survey. Este ano a pesquisa inclui uma expedição através do gelo, assim como uma base no gelo, ambas situadas a norte do Canadá. O objectivo desta missão é reunir elementos sobre a alteração das correntes no Oceano Árctico. Ler mais aqui

Arctic research mission
 © WWF / Catlin Arctic Survey
WWF is supporting the research of the Catlin Arctic Survey. This year’s research includes an expedition across the ice, as well as an ice base, both in the far north of Canada. The main purpose of the mission is to gather data on the changing Arctic Ocean currents.

Read an article on the WWF Global Arctic Programme website announcing the launch of the 2011 Catlin Arctic.

"Changes in the ocean currents have the capacity to significantly destabilise the climate in the northern half of the planet. Such changes to currents would also alter where biological productivity occurs in the ocean, and would therefore be directly felt because of significant changes to fisheries in the North Atlantic."
Martin Sommerkorn*

April 22, 2011 is Earth Day 2011! This is our contribution to such an important event!

"A Billion Acts of Green" 
Earth Day's theme 2011

Geração Exploradores Polares


* Martin Sommerkorn, Senior climate change advisor for the WWF Global Arctic Programme

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Catlin Arctic Survey
WWF| Catlin Arctic Survey Team heads off on expedition

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